Rush Students Volunteer

Students at Rush University won’t attend class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 18, but that doesn’t mean they will be sleeping in.  They have organized a full schedule of volunteer services.

At the James R. Jordan Boys and Girls Club and Family Center, they’ll help renovate the science room to provide a creative and educational atmosphere that encourages minority children to succeed in math and science.

At the Franciscan House of Mary and Joseph, they’ll cook and serve breakfast for approximately 250 homeless people who have spent the night at the center.

And at Rush, they have organized a variety of activities to help military personnel and their families re-assimilate and adjust to civilian life.  In honor of men and women serving overseas in the military, the students have collected necessities and wish-list items – from Slim Jims and Oreos to shoe inserts and hair gel, all donated by Rush students and employees.  They’ll ship this Rush Care Package to Iraq and Afghanistan with the assistance of the United Service Organizations office. 

 “Rush students feel deeply that Dr. King’s teachings on equality and social justice are as relevant today as ever,” said Sharon Gates, director of multicultural affairs at Rush University Medical Center, who is helping the students organize the events.  “Through their words and deeds, in their lives today and throughout their careers, they will be paying tribute to all Dr. King stood for.” 

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